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EZ Way Soap Cutter



The EZ Way Soap Cutter™ can produce thousands

of perfect bars a day by one person.

Cut M&P (Melt & Pour), CP (Cold Process), HP (Hot Process) Re-Batch, Round, Square and more with the EZ Way Soap Cutter!

Check out our New EZ Way Soap Cutter™

EZ Way Soap Cutter

Cut M&P, CP, HP and more with EZ Way Soap Cutter

Cuts Loaves into Bars in One Fell Swoop!.

One person can cut 1200 to 1500 loaves per day

Over 800 lbs of cutting force is available

For many years we have worked on developing a truly, smooth cutting and efficient Cutter for glycerin soap (Melt and Pour, M&P). The EZ Way Soap Cutter is the culmination of that effort, and is one of our most prized inventions. Soap Makers who make products using glycerin soap, understand just how hard it is to cut this soap.

Those of you who enjoy the creativity of using embeds in your M&P soap, will now be able to cut entire Loaves, quickly and accurately. No more repetitive, cutting-by-hand, one bar at a time. Do you decorate your loaves with herbs, curls, waves, flips, etc? Look no further, the EZ way will cut it.

It does not matter what type of soap you handcraft, the EZ way will cut it., Melt and Pour... Cold Processed… Hot Processed… Re-batch… Round… Square…

Word of caution for large batch CP Soapmakers! This does not replace the efficiency and profitability in anyway, of the Air Cutter or Manual Cutter Systems. These systems are unsurpassed for cold processed soap productivity.

Click Here to View More Details and Order Yours... Product Knowledge

The Ultimate Lip Balm Trays

Check out these cool tools and pieces of equipment!

Lip Balm Pouring TrayAre you ready for the ultimate lip balm pouring experience? Are you tired of leaking trays and having to clean up those tubes? Then look no further! These ultimate Lip Balm Trays are...

Lip Balm Pouring Tray (Back View)Machined precisely to accept the specified size tube so there are no leaks and no mess




Made of durable, food grade High Density Poly


No waste – just use the scraper to remove the excess and use for another pour


Dishwasher safe


Durable and made to last a lifetime


Depending on tray and tube size pour 121-450 tubes at once


Use the divider and pour up to 3 blends at a time in any quantity combination you’d like


Custom trays available for any tube size

You will love these trays and wonder how you ever got by without them! Helpful Tips, Hints & Ideas

Avoiding sink holes when pouring your lip balms…

To avoid sink holes fill your tubes systematically by running down the row, then to the next and so on. Pouring too fast will cause air pockets. The material is hot, hot balm is expanded so naturally it is going to shrink when it cools. Pouring slowly along the row allows a little cooling to take place.

When you get done with the last row, go back again, row by row and overfill the tubes. Always overfill; remember you can just scrape off the excess and use it again.

If for some reason you have a hole or two that sink holes, take a hair blow drier or a heat gun and just wave over the hole until it melts and levels out. Just don't melt the plastic, keep the heat gun moving.

Using a hair dryer or heat gun will also smooth out the surface for a nice finish.

Palm Oil in Cosmetics Series: Part One

by Marla Bosworth

This is a multi-part series on the usage of palm oil in soaps, beauty products and cosmetics. First we will discuss the environmental effects of palm oil harvesting. The second post will give suggestions on how to formulate palm-free, cold process soaps. Future posts will include substituting palm-based waxes in creams and lotions and a few guest posts from some of my new friends in the world of saving orangutans.

Why this article? Well, mostly because I’ve had a love-hate relationship with palm oil for the past two years. I’ve enjoyed the conditioning properties it lends to my cold process soaps. It is a dependable oil that I count on to create a firm bar of soap. On the other hand, every time I make a batch of soap with palm oil, I feel a twinge of guilt. I think about deforestation and orangutans losing their homes. I picture their faces, and wonder what turmoil they encountered when their home was grazed all in the name of harvesting palm oil.

My awareness to the severity of palm oil’s impact on the orangutans was brought to light two years ago when I interviewed Pangea Organics founder, Joshua Onysko in Boulder, Colorado. I had heard of the palm oil controversy, but in talking with him I realized that any usage of the ingredient – from a pound to a tonnage – was contributing to the destruction of the orangutans.

Later that year Onysko’s company partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute to further bring awareness and support to the endangered orangutans. I was impressed with Pangea’s actions. At the time I had a list of excuses as to why I had a firm grip on using palm oil.

• It’s too much work to reformulate and try new recipes.

• I’m just one soapmaker. How much of a difference will I really make?
• Just how bad is the deforestation?

• Is it true that the orangutans are losing their homes?
• Everyone else uses palm oil.

The United Nations Environment Programme estimates that an area of Indonesian rainforest the size of six football fields is cut down every minute of every day. Although the biggest usage of palm oil is for food and biofuel in western countries, the use of palm for cosmetics isn’t far behind.

This is the year that I’m taking the palm-free plunge. No more palm in soap, cosmetics or food. I’m reading more labels and questioning products that I purchase.

The Severity of the Matter
A little research on the internet will leave you with images you won’t forget. Yes, the deforestation is horrendous. Yes, the orangutans are still losing their homes. In fact, the Sumatran orangutan population has declined 70 percent since 1994 and is directly related to palm oil harvesting.

But there is much more to the story….(continued)

About Marla Bosworth

Marla Bosworth is the CEO and President of Back Porch Soap Company,

a wholesaler and retailer of sea-inspired bath and body products. She is also an independent bath and body business consultant and teaches soap, natural cosmetic formulation and bath and body business classes in Boston, NYC and San Francisco.

Our Partner companies or individuals have agreed to share their knowledge & information with us for FREE! Please visit their websites and/or Blogs for even more Great information.

How To Develop A Branded Content Strategy

by Donna Maria

Publishing branded content is the least expensive and most cost effective way to drive online traffic and visibility for your products and services. How do I know this? Because I live it. I just finished hosting my weekly podcast, which increases my access to people every day. And the first thing I did on January 16, 2000, the day I launched my business, was publish an online newsletter. I’ve been doing it almost weekly ever since. To see my first issue, and all of my issues from that first year, click here.

Read the entire article here...

Indie Beauty Network

About Donna Maria

Handmade entrepreneur mentor Donna Maria is the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network, teaches women around the world how to launch and manage a profitable business making and selling things they make by hand.

Get her complimentary tips and advice at...

Our Partner companies or individuals have agreed to share their knowledge & information with us for FREE! Please visit their websites and/or Blogs for even more Great information. Quotes & Tid Bits

 10 Uses for Olive Oil Other Than Cooking & Making Soap


Hot Oil Treatment for hair


Free a sticking zipper


Polish wood furniture


Remove paint or sticky substances from skin or hair


Lubricate a measuring cup when measuring sticky things like syrup


Bath oil


Makeup remover


Cuticle Oil


Add to pet’s food to condition fur


Lubricant for shaving

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Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild - Home
HSMG Offers Customizable Webstore for Members

The Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild brings you the Soap Guild Stores

Check out the full story HERE for more details on how members can create a fully customizable webstore.

Lip Balm Pouring Tray (Back View)

Easy Lip Balm Recipe

1T Beeswax Pellets

2T Sweet Almond Oil

1T Coconut Oil

2-3 Drops Vitamin E Oil

Essential Oil or Flavor Oil to desired taste – About 10-15 drop – Be sure it is safe for use in Lip Balm

Melt all ingredients together in a double boiler over low heat.

Pour into tubes or tins. Allow to set up 15-30 minutes before

use. Makes about 10 - .5oz tubes. Contact Us

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