EZ Way Bath Bomb Press


The ultimate pneumatic single Bath Bomb press.

  • Make consistent bath bombs regardless of operator.
  • Creates over 200lbs of pressure.
  • Fast setup of any mold.


Consistent pressure equals consistent bath bombs.
Watch our EZ Way Bath Bomb Press in action!
Watch Spicy Pine Cone review our EZ Way Bath Bomb Press and Mold.
  • Safe to use
  • HDPE components make for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Sits on any tabletop
  • Allows you to set a constant even pressure and depth for the perfect impression every time.
  • Powered by a small air compressor (not included).
  • Small Footprint
    • 16″ x 16″ (40mm x 40mm)
  • Height: 17″ (43mm)
  • Operated by an air compressor (not included)
    • Power required: 90psi (6.12atm) / 1.5cfm (43lpm)

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EZ Way Bath Bomb Press
EZ Way Bath Bomb Press