Loaf and Slab

  • Melt and Pour Molds

    Our Easy Way Soap Molds are perfect for the Melt and Pour Professional.
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  • Single Block Mold

    Model: 1BLM
    Great for pours of 12 to 14 pounds! 12″ W x 10″ L x 3.
    $139.00 View Product
  • Artisan Mold

    Model: 1ALM
    Great for slab pours of 17 – 18.
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  • Quadruple Loaf Soap Mold

    Model: 4SLM
    Pour four 3 pound loaves at one time! Chamber Dimensions: 15″L x 2″ W x 3.
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  • Triple Loaf Mold

    Model: 3SLM
    Great for pouring multiple loaves of Cold Process, Hot Process or M&P Soaps.
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  • Single Loaf Mold

    Model: 1SLM
    Perfect for the small production soapmaker! Chamber Measurements: Standard: 15″ L x 2″W x 3.
    $75.00$85.00 View Product
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