Ordering & Shipping

How to Place Your Order & Payment

$30 minimum purchase (excluding shipping and tax)

Using the Shopping Cart:
  • Online Shopping Cart: Place your items in our online shopping cart as you browse our site and submit your order.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your order. We will be glad to take your order over the phone and help with any questions you might have.

Payment Options:

Please note that we require a 50% deposit on custom equipment.

Domestic Orders: Full payment is due, including shipping costs, prior to leaving Willow Way. Payment options include:

  • Credit Card – Visa & MasterCard Only
  • PayPal – Can accept American Express
  • Money Order or Cashiers Check
  • Wire Transfer. Please e-mail or call for information on how to pay us with a Wire Transfer.
  • Company or Personal Check- This option may delay your order, while we wait for funds to clear your bank.
  • ACH Debit (USA Only)
    • SoapEquipment.com offers ACH Debit to customer accounts to pay for equipment orders. These transactions will be in compliance with the Rules and Regulations for Governing the ACH Network. Please email or call for information on how to pay us with an ACH Debit (automatic deduction from your checking account). Click Here to view some frequently asked questions about ACH origination. (PDF Format)

Note: With international shipments, there is always the possibility of Brokerage fees, Customs fees, Duties, Taxes, Value Added Taxes (VAT), Goods and Services Tax (GST) and General Consumption Tax (GCT) etc. that may be assessed against a shipment. The tax type and tax rate will vary from one county to another. It is your responsibility to know and understand the taxes in the country you are having our products shipped to. Some countries will require that duties and taxes are paid prior to the release of the goods. Please be prepared to act quickly to avoid delays or incur storage fees. These fees are not included in your payments to Willow Way.

General Information We May Need:
  • Your name
  • Your company name
  • Mailing address
  • Shipping address
  • E-mail address
  • Fax number
  • Phone number.
  • Products requested and quantities
Info on Product Design/Specifications:

If ordering custom soap cutters or soap molds then we will need to know specifics on your:

  • Freshly Cut Bar Size:
    • Length
    • Width
    • Thickness
      • Note: If you give us the dimensions of a cured bar, that is what your mold and cutter design will reflect so please consider carefully the dimensions you are giving us.

If you have specific requests, batch sizes, physical restraints, special space, and working conditions, then please make mention of these.


Unless noted, prices do not include shipping and any applicable sales taxes, customs, duties, or any other import fees which may be due.

For custom orders, we will in most cases contact you as to the best way to ship your order and options you might take to reduce shipping costs. In every case, we will do all we can to reduce this cost and to get your equipment to you as quickly as possible.

Shipping and Delivery Policies

At Willow Way (SoapEquipment.com) we strive to ship our quality products to you, using the most economical and efficient way possible.  Getting your order to you quickly and safely is our first priority. Orders received after 10AM (ET) will be entered in the system on the Next Business Day.

Shipping Department Contact Information:

Willow Way
520 W. Main St.
Hagerstown, IN 47346
Attn: Shipping Department
Phone: 765-530-0307
E-Mail: [email protected]

General Delivery Policy (small package):

We mainly ship by UPS but we have the ability to ship via, other carriers (at the customer’s request). HOWEVER, some carriers’ shipments are not easily traceable. Therefore, if the BUYER chooses a company different than our standard carrier, the BUYER is responsible for the shipment, once it leaves our warehouse. By use of this site, customers authorize UPS to leave a package at the destination delivery address, without obtaining a signature; if the UPS driver deems the location to be safe. Customers who are not able to locate the package that is claimed as delivered must follow the instructions for filing a claim listed below under the heading “Incorrect Delivery and Lost Package Claims.”


Shopping cart orders are calculated using UPS. Once your order is paid and submitted in the shopping cart we cannot change the shipping method without charging a minimum of $15 and could be more depending on credit card changes and reprocessing your order. If you want to change the shipping method to something other than UPS, either call us or proceed with your cart order as follows: Select NONE under payment options and tell us what method of shipping you prefer in the comments section, then continue to process your order. We will contact you with shipping charges and payment information.

Refused Shipments:

A refused shipment occurs when the customer refuses to accept the package during a delivery attempt. Reasons for Refusal are obvious damage to the contents of the package.  This can occur, whether it was shipped through UPS, USPS, DB Schenker or one of our other carriers. Customers who refuse delivery must contact Willow Way Shipping Department immediately. In some cases, the customer may be assessed a fee to cover return shipping and labor charges. This cost will be passed along to the customer in the form of a deduction from the total credit due to the customer. In addition, refused shipments may be considered an “Unauthorized Return” and subject to the policies thereof.

Return Shipping Charges:

Willow Way may provide a UPS Return Pick Up, depending on the reason a return is requested. If shipping any other way, please contact Willow Way Shipping Department at 765-530-0307 or [email protected] for other arrangements. The customer is held responsible for all shipping fees where the Return was not approved.

Claims Policy:

You must check package or crate contents before signing off on the shipment. The shipment is packaged with the utmost care and the goods are in pristine condition when they leave our warehouse.

Damage Claims:

We cannot send out a replacement for your damaged equipment until the Claims Process is completed. In some cases we can send out the replacement immediately once you have provided us a valid credit card and signed an authorization form. Once the damaged equipment claim process is complete and we have received payment we will issue a credit to your card. Visible Damage and Concealed Damage claims can take up to, 7 to 10 business days for a Carrier to inspect the item or items. Please do not throw anything away until we say that this is okay to do so.

Visible Damage, Concealed Damage, and Missing Content Claims:

“Visible Damage” is defined as any damage to the packaging that is identifiable without opening the package at the time of delivery.

If by UPS: Please inspect the box or boxes while the Driver is present. If damage is found to the contents, have the Driver make a report. If the Driver is not present then follow the steps below under “Concealed Damage”

If by Motor Freight, Ocean or Air Transport Carrier: Please report any visible damage immediately to the Driver. Have them file a report, and then contact our Shipping Dept.

“Concealed Damage” is defined as any damage that is not immediately noticeable at the time the package is opened or when the product is first used.

If delivered by UPS, take pictures, call UPS and file a claim right away. Do not throw anything away. Contact UPS immediately at  1-800-742-5877…Press 0 (operator). Follow their instructions or go online at, https://www.ups.com.

If a US Postal delivery; we suggest you inspect the package, if damage is found, call the Shipping Dept right away for instructions.

For the above shipments, it can be very difficult to make a claim, after the fact. Due to the nature of our equipment, there is nothing that can be damaged, unless the carton or crate is hit, dropped, punctured, and shows this in some visual way. This being the case, inspect everything thoroughly.

If a Motor Freight, Ocean or Air Transport Carrier: If damage is found after the Driver leaves, and the shipment signed for, it is too late to make a claim. Therefore, it is important that you do not sign for the shipment until you are positive there is no damage.

“Missing Content” is defined as any package that is missing product that the packing slip states is included.

All instances above must be made directly to Shipping Department within five (5) business days of delivery. Any claims made after that time will not be honored. Please contact Willow Way at 765-530-0307 or [email protected] to make such a claim.

Incorrect Delivery and Lost Package Claims:

Occasionally a shipment will get lost. Although it is rare, it always seems to happen when the merchandise is needed quickly. Both “Incorrect Delivery” and “Lost Package” incidents are usually discovered through standard tracking of the package

“Incorrect Delivery” is defined as any incident where the driver delivers the package to the wrong address or individual.

“Lost Packages or Shipments” may occur in three ways.

First – lost packages may occur when packages are not able to be located within the carrier’s network.

Second – a package may be considered lost when the carrier claims delivery was completed by leaving the package on the doorstep, but the customer cannot locate the package.

Third – Incorrect shipping address. This is where the ship-to address is incorrect on the Proposal or Invoice and Shipping used that address.

After you have received notification of shipment from us or from the Shipper, and the allotted amount of time for transit has passed; we suggest that you check tracking on the package. If tracking does not show definitively where the package is or when it is to arrive, then please contact the Shipper, to report a lost shipment. Then contact Willow Way Shipping Department [email protected].

No “Incorrect Delivery” or “Lost Package” claims, will be honored after thirty (30) days from shipment date.

Claims for Incorrect Delivery or Lost Packages:

After we are notified, we will start tracing on our end and file a Lost Shipment Claim. Claims must be made directly to our Shipping Department, 765-530-0307 or emailed to [email protected]

Freight Shipment Claims:

Shipments are made using our carriers.  This protects your shipment (insurance) and ensures a better freight rate.  Under exceptional conditions, we may ship with another carrier at customers’ request.  The Customer would then assume complete responsibility for the shipment once it leaves our warehouse. If shipped using our carrier, a claim may be filed after two (2) weeks, from the scheduled delivery date. Please contact Willow Way Shipping Department at 765-530-0307 or email us at [email protected] to file such a claim.

International Shipments:

Should you Request your own Carrier:

Using your own carrier will void the right to warranty and return for all equipment in the shipment.

If a customer requests a carrier other than one of our normal carriers, we reserve the right to charge for the time it takes for us to prepare the required Customs and Shipping Documents. It commonly takes more time to work with an unfamiliar carrier. The fee for the documents will be between $50 and $100 depending upon complexity.

We request that you verify and double-check all of your contact, shipping, and Broker information. For your goods to smoothly flow through Customs and through Air or Ocean transit; proper titles, company or personal name, contact names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. must be “Legally” correct. If Customs finds that the information provided does not match “In Detail”, your information, as registered in your country, problems may result. This can take hours of our time in new paperwork and phone calls. Our charge for this is $50 per hour.

Once the documents have been created, should any information be incorrect, such as wrong or insufficient address, company or personal name, broker information, contact information, etc., there will be an additional minimum fee of $100.00 to re-work the paperwork.

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