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Satisfied Customers From All Around the World

ďBack in 2001, after soaping for about a year and still very green, I decided I wanted to start a small soap business. I was referred to Soap Equipment (then Willow Way) by a mentor. I had absolutely no idea of what kind of soap equipment I wanted, much less what I needed. However, the owner patiently walked me through each step of the process (multiple times) until I ended up with the professional molds just right for my business. That was nearly 18 YEARS AGO! Wow! And Iím still using the same molds and the same cutter, with absolutely *NO* repairs. Now thatís quality craftsmanship!

I have no idea how many thousands of pounds of soap Iíve made over the years, or how many times Iíve changed my recipes, or packaging, but Iíve never found another mold or cutter that came close to the quality of my Soap Equipment. I canít say enough good things about the personalized customer service and the quality of the equipment I received from Soap Equipment. Iíve depended on this equipment almost daily for the past 17 years and counting and, itís never let me down.Ē

N. Luzette K. Musen

Excellent Customer Service

I would like to take a moment to inform you of the excellent customer service I received from an employee of your company, Ms. Raye Reynolds.

I ordered the Willow bath bomb press and several molds with the intent of producing bath bombs for our small cosmetic company, Manufaktur Pur. The press arrived in June and I attempted to use the formula that we have been experimenting with. The attempts were unsuccessful and I contacted Ms.

Ms. Reynolds was very patient at listening to what my situation was and what I have done up to this point. The analysis techniques of my method that were applied (questionnaire and video) were well developed and after several telephone conversations and many e-mails I finally, after following her suggestions, began to have success at producing the desired product.

Ms. Reynolds engagement in helping solve my production problems is noteworthy and, in the future, I hope to have such diligent employees.

M. Drahus, Germany

We received our molds yesterday afternoon.  Beautiful Job!! and very quick!  They are a perfect fit!!  Thank you and your employees so much!!

T. Hudson, New York

Lip Balm Success

Thank you for all your wonderful help this year. Thank you for crediting my account for the return of the heater elements.

I've now successfully made 9,650 lip balms (in record time) only stopping because I ran out of lip balm! The tank has done its job perfectly and I was impressed at how quickly it got the balm up to temperature.

S. James,  Australia

Lip Balm Trays SO WORTH EVERY PENNY!! made a custom lip balm filling tray for me and I could not be happier with it! I was frustrated using those commonplace 50-tube trays to fill my lip balm tubes.

The lip between the rim of the tube and the surface of the filling tray was so large and every time I pulled a tube out of the tray, the top layer of my product would be stuck in the tray.

This led to a few hours of extra work scraping the tops of my tubes before capping them. I hated making lip balm because of this! It was messy, time-consuming and wasted a lot of product (i.e. wasted money and time!).

Then I found the Soap Equipment website and their large lip balm filling trays. I thought the tray was expensive but I was so tired of the old way of filling the tubes that I purchased their large filling tray because they promised there would be a minimum lip on the filled tube.

They had me send them some of the lip balm tubes I use to ensure an accurate fit. When it turned out that my tubes did not fit their standard tray, I had the option to buy a custom one.

I baulked a bit at the price but ordered it anyway. SO WORTH EVERY PENNY!! I made my money back with the very first batch of lip balms that I made using that tray because it was easier, less time-consuming and the finished product came out perfectly! No extra scraping necessary before capping.

JOY!! Get yourself one of these trays Ė it will change your manufacturing process if you are hand crafting your lip balm.

D. Hermann, Colorado

I love my new equipment so much! I almost cry when I think of how much this has simplified and expedited my soap making process.

Sure has made my life a lot easier, and has given me the ability to think of actually growing this business into something even bigger. Thanks!

P. Douglass, Georgia (USA)

I just wanted to let you know I LOVE my soap equipment! Thanks for terrific products!

C. Winter, USA

Hello, I currently have your quad log mold and love it. I also bought 5 of the soap drying trays, I also love them as well.

I did not, however, order enough of them. Can I get a quote for 1 more mold, 10 more of the soap trays and possibly one of the soap dolly trays?

A. Kristiansen, Canada


You are at the tip top of my professional soap supplier equipment list, I really wouldn't want to shop anywhere else, and you've got a great attitude.

J. Olen, USA

Thank you!

By the wayÖI wanted to let you know how impressed I was at how everything came shipped and explained and complete.

A day or 2 of setup and Iím ready to go. I feel like Iím relearning the process again but your ďkitĒ and the instructions definitely made things so easy.

Love you guys!!!

Nicole, California

I would like to order 2 more trays from you. The last one was perfect. Attached is the original quote. Let me know who to contact to get things moving.

Craig, California

Loaf Cutter

OMG what a beautiful cut! My bars just improved markedly in appearance. Perfect cut for my loaves!

Thank you

Nancy, USA

I received my equipment order today, and I just wanted to say how absolutely pleased I am with everything from the lightning fast shipping to the high quality equipment!

I am so excited to use my new molds and cutter. I'm blown away with the quality of both. You have earned a life long customer, and I'm already looking forward to buying even more as my company grows.

Most importantly thank you so much for the exceptional customer service!

C. Kolodich, New York


Just wanted to send you a quick email. I received my mold in the mail and tried it out with a batch of soap. The mold works even better than I imagined! Thank you for putting out such great products. I will be ordering for your company again.


C. Abshier, USA

Dear Raye,

I have been meaning to tell you for some time that the original equipment we purchased from you has done sterling service here at Kylemore Abbey for the last five years or so. In fact, we now have to upgrade all our equipment to meet increased demand for our soap.

Thank you and all at soapequipment for providing quality equipment and efficient service.Kind regards,

G. Harrington, Ireland

Dear Brandy,

Thank you very much for the wonderful soapcutter. It is a perfect help and it is fun to work with it!

Thank you very much!

J. Lemcke and M. Vetsch, Switzerland

Hi Raye,

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I really appreciate your prompt response to our problem. The software people contacted us within minutes of your email and our software is up and running! Have a wonderful day!!

P.S. We LOVE the bath bomb press! Amanda, the creative genius, hasn't come out of the workshop since we received it. We're looking forward to future purchases!

K. Fox, USA

Hello Raye

Well they can thank you especially! Because you took your time with me and you didn't rush me. You gave me a LOT of confidence to make my own soaps CP method and I absolutely LOVE it. I can see such a difference. So worth it. Thank you so much for that!

Please tell the owner that I am so so happy. I have a huge smile!! I am glad they liked the video and it's my pleasure to recommend Soap Equipment. We all know in good business just this little bit of time and dealing with people really makes a big difference and makes clients so much happier!

Dawn, USA

Hi Ron,

Here's a video one of my members made about your soap cutter

D. Johnson, USA

Hi Raye,

I just wanted to let you know that I finally got a chance to try my new mold today. I used the mold liner paper and it was so simple. I thought I'd be fussing with that paper for awhile. The mold goes together and comes apart quite easily and it's so sturdy. I'm very excited about the many batches of soap I'll be making. Thank you for your time, patience and excellent customer service. I'm sure we'll be in touch again in the future.

C. Hardy, USA

Dear Ron,

I thank you so much for the time and care that you spend giving me a wealth of information that will help me immensely! Thank you for being so gracious. I hope I can thank in person some day.

S. Melendez

I'm finally getting around to looking at our liquid soap production for next year - thank you so much for the liquid soap recipe, I tried it and I love it! Do you have a recipe for a shampoo base? I'm looking at your recommendations for equipment and I'll get back to you about that soon. Love the bottle filler, every time I hear that thing running I think about all the money I'm saving!

H. Newbegin

I love my equipment really love it. I am finally going to get some rest I pulled my first three cells out tonight could not wait for 30 hours to pass ( gave it a little more time than usual to be sure). Cutting the logs was a snap. Then I cut two of the logs into bars in a snap.... love it. I will be ordering more liner paper next week and another mold by the first of next month or sooner.

Thanks again...


We purchased our Lip Balm Trays from you and love them. We are curious as to whether you have trays that hold the smaller round metal tins that holds balms and salves for the same purchase to use while hand pouring. I beleive the size is 1/4 oz or 1/2 oz - I will confirm this but just to give you an idea. Thank you for your time with this and I look forward to hearing from you.

L. Kerr

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my moulds. I have always loved soap making but using these moulds have put me on a new high. It is now a pleasure to get them out of the moulds and get ready to enjoy the cut and have fun looking at how perfect they have become, with not a blemish on any side of the soap. Thank you for making my life easy:)

M. Stevens

Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know that I received the Bath Bomb Cube Press today. I can't believe how quickly it came. Once again, I commend your company on its professionalism which is sadly lacking in many companies these days. I look forward to doing more business with you.

I have just spent a wonderful day getting to know the machine & creating some interesting bath bombs.

G McKenzie

Hi Raye:

First, I wanted to thank you, again, for spending time with me on the phone the other day to help me with my bath bomb maker. That was SO nice of you!

Secondly, I tried a different recipe (using baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, and witch hazel) and I used my hand mixer to mix. Although I used too much liquid in my recipe (my bath bombs squished as they dried), the point is that it worked WONDERFULLY in my bath bomb maker! All bombs
(except the last one, which by that time was practically hard!) came out perfectly.

Like I said, because I over-wet my dry ingredients, my bombs are a little flat on the bottom, but other than that, less than 24 hours later, they're hard as rocks and (on the tops!) perfectly rounded!

Thanks again!! I love my bath bomb press!

Judy - USA


We have used the printer and are loving it- thank you again. I really hate to label and forgot to ask you about your labeler- can that be used for small products like lip balms?

It is nice to know we have you as a resource. Once the Christmas rush is over, I might take you up on your offer to talk about helping us get a rep.

Bee well,


Hi there!

I just wanted to say thank you!!!

I have worked in customer service before, and many customers claim they need everything yesterday, and it's true maybe 10% of the time.

With that in mind, I very rarely ask for special favors, and today was the first time I did in years. I did not expect this order to get shipped today. I was just hoping like crazy though, so that I could work on a project this weekend. I was going to be bummed paying all that for shipping if I still received the order on Monday too.

Anyway; I just wanted to extend a sincere thank you, since I saw the tracking number email here. It is much appreciated! I do not know how many supplies I will need in the future, nor how big of a customer that I will be, but I will check your page first.

Thanks and have a super day!


Thank you so very much for not only contributing those awesome bucket openers, but for also attending our Gathering. My husband and I both enjoyed you so much last year, that it was a real treat to get to see you again and to shop at your set-up. It these times, I'm sure it's difficult to receive so many requests, but you've continued to be generous in your contributions. I was so glad to be able to buy from you, and I can't wait to decide what to do with that cool seed paper! You're an amazing company, and I wish you success in abundance!

I love my new HDPE soap mold!

I put a thin layer of emu oil on each panel, just a couple of drops then spread it evenly to keep the soap from sticking. I didn't use mineral oil because its a petroleum product and some people are allergic. I made a batch of emu oil soap for my sister and it turned out perfectly without sticking to the mold at all. This mold is a piece of artwork for sure! I'll never buy another wood mold again, you guys have me hooked on these HDPE molds. I'm looking forward to ordering more soaping equipment from Willow way in the future.

Have a marvelous day!


I received my soap dolly and trays and am so happy! They are very durable, and the dolly is sturdy and the wheels are very heavy-duty. I am very pleased.

Thanks a lot,


Received the bearing Friday - looks good & runs smoothly (the other three have performed steadily during the past couple of weeks).

Also, I have to say we really appreciate your company's exceptional level of customer service. During our past six years it has been very difficult for us to find high quality, caring companies to deal with - so please pass on our thanks and comments, and keep up the good work!



I am new to the soaping world, and I just watched your video soap making from start to finish single loaf. GREAT VIDEO! very very helpful...

But I noticed that in the video she added shortening? now I don't mean to sound dumb but when you say shortening are you referring to a vegetable shortening? I mean like a Crisco?

and then one more question if I wanted to add a goats milk do you add it at the same time you add your essentials oil?

Thank you so much! I have been watching a lot of videos and reading a lot of books and I must say this has been the absolutely MOST helpful of ALL I've seen in the past couple of days... Thank you again, look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thank you

L. Mitchell

Thanks so much. I just got the tracking info. I really appreciate your professional service, and I'm sure your product will serve us for many years to come. I'm looking forward to receiving the shipment, and doing business with you again.


Just to let you know that we have our new labeler and bottling machine up and running and they're great! Little-by-little we get more efficient and more professional looking.

Warm regards


The stamps all work great! We have had a lot of fun playing with all sorts of combinations so far. I meant to write and tell you, but we have been too busy trying our new stamps!

Thanks for a great job.


the loaf soap cutter has arrived safely (really fast shipping) and after ďbailingĒ it out from local customs we have tried it already and it works just as fine as we thought it would.

Thanks a lot


Lip Balm Trays

Worked like a charm! Once I got used to not worrying about spills it went fast.

Cuts my production time way down- YEAH!!!!

Thanks so much!



Got it- love it you rock


Bath Bombs

I've cracked it. I can now make Bbombs with your BB maker and worked out how to use the D.ring! Doing it all wrong. Pushing the D.ring instead of twisting. Well actually I pushed and twisted! Then all the mixture got stuck!

I must say you are very clever! ( I am being sincere here) The whole thing is really ingenious. I was most impressed when I realized what it was doing this afternoon!

And............... I've worked out what I was doing wrong with the small heart shaped moulds that were causing me so many problems. Thanks to your recipes

Hopefully it will be the same story in a month's time.

Kind Regards


Thanks Ron!

Here is a testimonial for the labeler;

We just set up the jr labeler yesterday and I am VERY HAPPY! But I am also really mad at RonÖRon Why didnít you talk me into buying this years agoÖ.WOW We love it! Itís going to save us tons and tons of time and money.


Tube Molds

I made soap with these molds on Sunday. I LOVE them!! What a great product. Thank you


 I am so excited to get the labels and start printing. I have been VERY happy with my printer.


I purchased the Willow Bath Bomb Press about 2 years ago & I LOVE IT.

Am extremely interested in making large ones though & I never thought of egg carton packaging what a great idea for the smaller ones I currently make with the Willow system.. I have to find me an egg carton supplier.;-)


Been meaning to do this since the 20/11, our parcel has arrived safely and we are delighted with our newest purchase. We had a small stockpile of soap loaves waiting to be cut. Now we have several trays of soap bars drying.

Thank you for all your work, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. It is really satisfying to have the level of communication we experienced with your Company.

Again thank you for everything.



I received the rest of my order today and everything is working great! The logo came out perfectly, and the cupcakes are working GREAT-- sooooo much faster than the old method.

I'm even doing pretty good with the mini ball press... thanks again so much for your help! Wonderful job!!!!


As always, thanks for your help and valuable insights. I truly appreciate the information and experience you have shared with us to assist in our success. We are beginning to set up and use the equipment. Your design and expertise in fabricating is being admired by our friends and associates who stop by to see our baby steps. I tell them we have mysteriously found A. Einstein living in Indiana Ö and they believe it!

Your brilliant!!!

Best regards,

Brett - USA

"The helpful people at Willow Way have gone out of their way to assist us and equip our business with a custom plan to fit our needs. Their attention to detail, amazing customer service, and extensive experience in the industry are assets that set them apart from the competition."

LR - Murphy, NC

As always, thanks for your help and valuable insights. I truly appreciate the information and experience you have shared with us to assist in our success. We are beginning to set up and use the equipment. Your design and expertise in fabricating is being admired by our friends and associates who stop by to see our baby steps. I tell them we have mysteriously found A. Einstein living in Indiana Ö and they believe it!

Your brilliant!!!

Brett - USA

Thank you again for taking back the wooden molds.

When you recommended I contact Willow Way as an alternative I had already found them and we were working on a proposal.

I also looked into the other company you suggested and found that they only had one item which was not adequate for me and which Willow Way has a better comparable item. So I would stick with Willow Way if I were you.

The soap mold and cutter system I purchased from Willow Way is everything I wanted it to be.

Ron Jonas at Willow Way consulted with me to determine a wet cut bar size that will result in the cured bar size and weight that I want.

When the mold and cutters arrived I was really surprised at how small and compact they are for the quantity they produce.

The system works every bit as well as I expected.

Bars are easily and quickly cut to precisely the same measurements every time.

For anyone wholesaling soap to retailers or who wants a consistent professional looking bar, nothing less than this will do.

I'm sure many of your customers will appreciate being informed of the advantages of professional mold and cutter systems. I'm sure you can work out an affiliate arrangement with Willow Way that will be a great benefit to both your businesses and your customers.

Edward - USA

Just wanted to let you know that the cutter worked perfectly!! The pour was actually a little more than you calculated and I get an extra bar from each loaf. So the total yield is 200 bars. Thanks for all of your help and I will be calling you soon to order the frames for the other size bar that we produce.

Randy - USA

Hope you are well! I really am impressed with your new website. Lots and lots of stuff that I am drooling over.

I wanted to ask you a question, back when I was speaking to you when I first ordered my manual soap cutter (which we love love love by the way), you had mentioned that you make a lot of soap balls. Can I ask you how you grate up your flakes? We use a cuisinart, but I'm guessing you use a meat grinder? I would love to have a hint in this area since xmas is coming and soap balls are a popular item for us.


Debbie - USA

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I have some pictures of soaps that are ready for sale. They look great! They are about 100g or 3.5oz which is very nice and hard. I have made thousands of soaps and like you said, itís efficient to make them. I enjoy soap making more and more now. Thank you for sharing your experience with me and very nice equipment. I am setting up a website and it will be up shortly. Please feel free to give me some ideas on marketing suggestions or comments.

I wish you and your family a wonderful new year and health and happiness!

Best wishes,

Jim - British Columbia

We really enjoy the molds and cutters we bought from you. They are saving a tremendous amount of time and the soap looks so much better.

Hope all is well.


Tim - USA

The soap stamper has arrived - I set it up in two minutes flat, and very
quickly stamped a few bars of soap.

Beautiful. Beautiful!

I can't believe what this adds to my product. I really appreciate your craftsmanship. This device is worth every single penny (actually, more!).

Thank you SO MUCH!

I'll pass the word re the quality of your work...

Dori - USA

Back To Top

Just to let you know our soap moulds arrived safely today. We are very pleased with them; well built and sturdy. Our import duty was only 1.7% better than expected.

So we will look forward to further business in the future.


Bill - England

Oh, an here is some nice feedback for you:

I also want to say how pleased I am with the Bath Bomb Press with the Mini-Ball mold and the custom stamp. Congratulations on a job that was well done!

Victor - USA

The new molds arrived and we of course had to test drive them right away. A bit of a trick getting the first one together, but after that, they all went together in a snap (literally). The size is PERFECT and I have not had to adjust my batch size or my cutters. The soap used to come out of my old wooden molds (now a bit out of square, and wider at the top than at the bottom) ragged on the edges because of the plastic we used to line the molds. The new block of soap is flawless, looking like a brick of polished marble. We all oohed and aahed over the first one out. They cut easily and the end pieces are perfectly square and clean, ideal for using as samples or stacking in a pile, tying with a ribbon and selling as tester packs. The soap goes into gel quickly and Iím convinced the plastic (Plexiglas?) material holds the heat in better. The bricks are hard as a rock when they are unmolded two days after pouring. We are totally amazed at the how hard the soap is so quickly!

We couldnít be more pleased with our investment and wonder why we waited so long. It is going to make life so much easier and soap so much more profitable. Thank you both for getting me on the right track!

Scott - USA

I wanted to let you know that I figured out the soapmakers software program.

It is the coolest thing ever!


Cory - USA

I just wanted to let you know how great our equipment from you is. We really love it and are amazed how it helps speed up our production times.

Thank you for such a great product. As we get busier we will be ordering more molds.

Thanks again,

Cory - USA

This is Hiroki

Remember me?

I hope you are well.

Thanks to your great soap making equipments, we have made and sold our cold pressed handmade natural soap by our own in Japan.
Yuzu (Japanese citrus) soap is very famous now.

I have a favor to ask you today.

We are out of paper for soap making (air cutter mold)

We tried other papers too but yours were the best.

You gave us 2 kinds (size) paper for the air cutter mold.(ACM1C)

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Hiroki - Japan

I can't thank you enough for your patience and expertise.

I appreciate the extras too. I'd recommend your co. in a New York minute.

Can't wait to get the equipment. (sending balance this week)


Bridget - USA

Hello to every one just a small note to let you know that I just got back in town to find my new bomb machine at the school is fantastic!!!! better than I even imagine, can not thank you enough for your work on this project it has definitely improve my product and increased my production time.

Thanks again

Bernardine - USA

Back To Top

We have been using the new press on a daily basis and it has surely increased our bath bomb output. We had to adjust our formula and technique a little, but it is working just fine. Thank you for your effective design.


DuWayne - USA

My order arrived today in good shape, thanks.

Always a pleasure dealing with you (and you can quote me!).

Kind regards,

Ellinor - New Zealand

I found a good beam...thanks. Well, I think you are dispelling another incorrect soap myth. I was told that you had to use filtered water. You have cut down my manufacturing time in more than half this week. I'm tracing with the pot whipper in 10 minutes. I don't know why it took me so long to figure this out :)

Thanks Ron!!!!!

Wendy - USA

I have your press and absolutely can't do without it. I am now wondering about the Mini-Rounds. Will it work with my current press? Can you tell me approximately how much they weight?

Hope all is well...

Cindy - USA

Couldn't agree more. I purchased the bath bomb press and have been nothing but happy, happy. Good quality equipment, and great customer service.

Cindy - USA

I'll be honest: I hadn't tried the press until today. It came the day I was leaving on vacation (to New Orleans) and we got back the end of last week, and the past days have been crammed with work and family concerns. So...

I had to make skull fizzies today, and I made a double batch of material so I could try half on the press. Wow! I made the skull ones by hand (pack into molds, press with fingers, add more material, press with a flat cup, tip out with fingers crossed) and then tried the press. The material was already drying (it's 90 here today) and has always been harder to work with on the second round. Not so with the press. It took me twice to figure out how much to put in the mold (packed loosely, but not just poured in), but no problems tipping out once the material was in at the right volume.

The only unexpected thing--which is likely unavoidable--is the hole in the press foot, which made a little round cylinder of excess material on the back of each bee. I just knocked it off with my finger and smoothed the area prior to turning it out.

I have them drying now and am looking forward to comparing the density with my hand-pressed ones. I can already tell they're quite superior, as the edges didn't crumble at all when I tipped them out. The flexible area on the back seems about the right thickness--as long as the mold is fully packed, there's no depression from pressing it out. I love it! I can hardly wait for my next order to come in so we can use it in full-scale production!

Thanks very much,

Rebekah - USA

I got everything unpacked, and moved into place. Tomorrow I am going to work on putting it together. You can sure be proud of that equipment! Man, has it evolved since the first unit, which I always thought was great! Wow!

(Note: Talking about difference between the first Air Cutters sold and those we make today. Barb bought our very first Custom Air Cutter in "1997")

Barb - USA

WOW!!!! In this age, we all need a hero. You have become one for this ol' grandmother. Believe me. I'll let you know how this scenario plays out. It will go priority tomorrow. I have a face letter and copies of the emails and the paid invoice you sent in the box. I'll keep you informed. Thank you so much for not dropping the ball. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you

Fondly...Charlotte - USA

Back To Top

Got the stamp today. LOVE IT! Can't wait to try it out. If we ever finish all these custom order soaps, we'll get to play. Can you send me an invoice please?

Thanks Ron.

Maggie - USA

Thanks for your quick response and your terrific customer service. I knew you'd make it right! I'm definitely one of your most satisfied customers and I'm looking forward to meeting Raye at the TX Soapmakers convention in a couple of weekends. Will she have a soap stamper there by any chance for me to look at? (hint hint)

Maggie - USA

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I love my new trough soap mold. This mold is absolutely awesome, and is a major time saver. We can now produce 4 loaves of soap in the time it used to take us to make 1. We are also making good use of our soap shaper. It is a pleasure to do business with someone that is knowledgeable in the soapmaking industry. Thanks for the great quality products, and keep up the good work. I am off to order another trough mold now!!

Judy - USA

The package was arrived a few days ago.

We did not try the extruder yet, but it seems work well. Also I like the custom made feeling of the extruder and the shapers.

Thank you for your great work.

We are planning to introduce your Soap Cutter as I wrote previous mail.

I'll mail you again when we decide the specification and the other details.

Thanks Again,

Naoko - Japan

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the soap equipment you manufactured for us. We have made 6 batches and have learned some things each time. Such as: which way to turn the handle to close the oil heater, how thick to have the trace to pour the soap, and that the oil heater does not cool down very fast!

The soft ware is an excellent tool.

The cutter works like a charm.

We are brainstorming to come up with a display rack to offer to stores.

Thank you very much for a job well done and making our work we enjoy so much more enjoyable.

Ruth - USA

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your STELLAR customer service and support. Your patience in helping me choose and set up a system is greatly appreciated. You had awesome ideas for production efficiency, always keeping future growth in mind. I was especially appreciative of your efforts to save me money (Even trying to connect me with another one of your customers who had an unused piece of your equipment in her inventory!! A gift to both of us.) Your curious engineering mind is an asset to all of your customers.
Our efficiency and productivity have gone through the roof. Not only that, we love to play with our equipment. OK, admittedly we're a little geeky to get so excited about spatulas, infrared thermometers, and pot tippers, but we think they're loads of fun! Anyway, a million thanks and continued success-you deserve it!

Be well,

Jen - USA

All I can say Ron, is Thank You Thank You Thank You! And we'll take one of the .15 oz. ovals as SOON as you get 'em done! So go ahead and charge that one on this order and include shipping even if you split ship them! We use the SKS white oval version for our Bug Balm Sticks. Yahoo!

Okay, so here's the card to use for the entire purchase and DO make us THREE of the single row strips and just send two more trays! We need only one more stainless steel spatula:-)

Donna - USA

Go Willow Way! We love you guys!

We received the lip balm tray and it is wonderful!! Thank you so much for the extra work on it, we really appreciate it!!

Thanks again for the 1st class service!

Debbie - USA

I just wanted to let you know that the new bottle filler we purchased from you earlier this year is doing its job well! I just did time studies and the updated cost of labor for bottle filling has changed from $.22 each to $.01 each! This along with the greater accuracy in the amounts we put in the bottles has really helped our business.

Sandy - USA

Just to say that we picked up the heater Tuesday - very easy process at Lyon. Have tested the heater the last few days and are very impressed how long the wax is kept in liquid state. It has surpassed our expectations and will help our business enormously.

Thanks for all your help in shipping it across.

Kind regards

Chrissie - France

I just wanted to let everybody know that I'm bringing my brand new Willow Way Soap Stamper to the convention for display on the Strut Your Stuff Table. I believe there'll be a money saving coupon in the goodie bag for Willow Way equipment (is that right Raye?), so if you're in the market for professional soapmaking equipment and accessories, you'll want to take advantage of that before it expires.

This is not really an ad, but rather a testimonial from a satisfied customer. I've had the good fortune of owning and using several pieces of WW equipment and I can tell you one thing, their stuff is top notch and the customer service is UNbeatable! Ron will bend over backwards to help you get exactly what you need and his expert advice is invaluable.

Maggie - USA

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I love my bathbomb maker from Willow way, it sure makes the job go quicker and easier.

Janis - USA

Ok you guys, just had to tell you this. I just got off the phone with Ron Jonas from Willow Way. I gotta tell ya........he is THE nicest guy!

And I now have a FLAT sided tablet mold on the way to me.

Awesome company to do business with.

Pam - USA

What a wonderful blessing to do business with you again. I am so thankful that I was able to get in contact with you and order more soap making equipment. Throughout the years I have many times over been so grateful for the molds and manual cutter that I purchased from you some years back. They have made my work so much easier. I will recommend your equipment to others whenever the opportunity arises. Thank you for making and selling great equipment that even the "little" soapmaker can afford.

Yvonne - USA

Yvonne bought our very first Manual Cutter in "1998"

Just wanted to say hello and thank you for the great cutter and molds! We are so happy that we purchased them and they continue to work really well. Hope all is well with you!

Lisa - USA

I just wanted to follow-up briefly and let you know that the soap I made over the weekend (four batches with temps around 100-105) turned out beautifully. Iím still outraged at all my wasted effort trying to follow the instructions in that stupid book! I was getting very discouraged and about ready to give up.

Thanks again for the advice. You got me soaping again!

Michele - USA

Very Nice

I just poured my c.p. soap into your soap mold. No leaks. The construction of your mold compared to the one I bought on EBay...

You can't compare them. Your mold is 100% quality.

Thank You

Kenneth - USA

Dear Mr. Ron: Thank you so much for the quick shipment of the soap cutter. It works great! I appreciate your wanting to help me.

Thank you again!

Barbara - USA

We got our pouring trays and like them very much!

Thanks for offering such great and affordable products! We will be purchasing more products from you soon!

Krisitna - USA

Thanks so much as always, for sharing your knowledge, time and advice. You always make me feel confident in selecting and using new equipment. Also, your products are of the highest quality and workmanship. You are a pleasure to do business with!!!  Thanks Again!



Your beveling tool arrived today....and it's great! It's soo much faster and safer to use! And it gives a nicer look. Thank you so much for sharing it with me! I love it!

Patrick - USA

First, I wanted to thank you, again, for spending time with me on the phone the other day to help me with my bath bomb maker. That was SO nice of you!

Secondly, I tried a different recipe (using baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, and witch hazel) and I used my hand mixer to mix. Although I used too much liquid in my recipe (my bath bombs squished as they dried), the point is that it worked WONDERFULLY in my bath bomb maker! All bombs (except the last one, which by that time was practically hard!) came out perfectly.

Like I said, because I over-wet my dry ingredients, my bombs are a little flat on the bottom, but other than that, less than 24 hours later, they're hard as rocks and (on the tops!) perfectly rounded!

Thanks again!! I love my bath bomb press!

Take care...

Judy - USA

Just wanted to tell you THANK YOU!!! I absolutely love the press, its incredible (and makes perfect bombes).

If you ever need someone to recommend it, give them my email address...the reality is people would spend that money over time on those horrible plastic molds....a great investment!!

Jodee - Canada

I didn't know that the soap stamper could also be a bath bomb press. How very cool is that? Is it a brand new design or could we convert our soap stamper to a bath bomb press if we wanted? (We don't make bath bombs but ya never know.) We LOVE our soap stamper! I can't recommend it enough! Worth every penny and then some.

Maggie - USA

Just to confirm that the press arrived this morning, even the young women at the post office were excited! Although Adelaide has a population of 1 million, and we are 15 minutes from the city centre, it still has a community feel.

One of my staff dropped several boxes of ingredients to my home and then we were invaded by 18 year olds, friends of my daughter. I cooked dinner while we all experimented with the various molds, seriously supervised by 21 year old son. We used our normal recipe. We use rose water and orange blossom water instead of witch-hazel. It all worked beautifully. We made pure cocoa butter, vanilla with Dutch chocolate powder (very decadent), calendula petals with mandarin & lemongrass, essential oil of rose geranium with rosewater, touch of pink colour and tiny rose buds, spearmint and lavender with some magnesium carbonate (great muscle soak!)

It was great fun and all the kids wrapped their various efforts and took them home to their Mums. Many thanks for your quick response and we are now ready for the maxi ball.

Kind regards

Sonya - Australia

Still having good success with the MaxiBall press. Wondering if you have any suggestions as to what to use for drying racks? We're producing about 200 bombs a day, and the blankets aren't working out so well anymore :-)


Steven - USA

Just a quick note to say how much I am enjoying my Soapmaker software. It really is incredible. I've figured out ways to include bottles and even labour into the mix so that I can accurately calculate how much stuff costs to make. Yeah! Keep me posted on any upgrades.


Darla - Canada

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