Manual Mixers

  • Commercial Power Wands

    The ultimate for blending Lotions, Liquid Soap and even CP & HP Soap.
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  • Manual Pot Whipper

    Model: 2BPW
    Increase production by reducing trace time, and achieve a better blend of ingredients.
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  • Pot Whipper Variable Speed Drill

    Model: PWDRILL
    Lightweight and powerful drill for use with our Pot Whipper.
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  • Mixer Tank Mount

    Model: PBmount
    The perfect mixing assistant! Can be used with the 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, and 21″ Power Wands.
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  • Light Commercial Power Wand

    Model: PB08
    Perfect for small production soap! Trace 10-15 pounds of soap in minutes.
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