• Willow Weigh Scale

    Model: AC1080
    The Willow Weigh Scale is an all purpose scale.
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  • Willow Weigh All Star Scale

    Model: AC1085
    A very versatile scale – the platform is large enough to weigh buckets! 110 pound (50kg) weight capacity.
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  • Soaper Scale

    Model: AC1082
    Accurately weigh with a 1 gram accuracy up to 22 pounds! 10,000 Gram (22lb) weight capacity.
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  • Large Tank Scale

    Model: OHS
    A very heavy duty scale designed to weigh large quantities of oils, butters, waxes and soap quickly and efficiently.
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  • HANDcrafter’s Scale

    Model: AC1081
    Need a larger platform with smaller accuracy? 500 Gram (17.
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  • 20 Gallon Tank Scale

    Model: AC1089a
    Not only great for weighing for large formulations, but doubles as a great all-purpose scale! To be used with our 20 .
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  • 13 Gallon Tank Scale

    Model: AC1089
    One of our most versatile scales! To be used with our 6 and 13 Gallon Oil Heaters.
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  • Cosmetic Scale

    Model: AC1083 NEW
    Our most accurate scale! Perfect for cosmetics and test batches.
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  • Easy Weigh Floor Scale

    Model: 30FS
    An integral part of the Air Cutter and Manual Cutter Systems.
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  • 125 Gallon Tank Scale

    Model: 36FS2500
    An extremely durable scale for your large weighing needs.
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