Material Handling

  • Poly Measuring Pitcher

    Tough and durable – can handle everything from Lye to Oils! Made of easy to clean, Food Grade Polypropylene with high .
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  • 2 Quart Stainless Steel Pitcher

    Model: AC1095
    These pitchers are perfect for oils and lye, as well as anything that can discolor or degrade plastic.
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  • Wax/M&P Pouring Pitcher

    Model: PP4lb
    Perfect for any number of tasks at very little cost.
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  • Bucket Lid Lifter

    Model: AC1065
    Tired of busting your fingernails trying to get those lids off? Lifts and seals.
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  • Bench Brush

    Model: AC1050
    Perfect for cleaning counters, wire cutters, soap scrapes, etc.
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  • Aluminum Scoop

    Model: AC1061
    Perfect for scooping your solid oils from buckets or drums.
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  • Drum Plug Wrench

    Model: AC1140
    Having trouble getting those oil drum plugs out? Here’s just the tool to do it.
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