Mixing Accessories

  • 6 Quart Soap Pot

    Model: AC1043
    Perfect for mixing batches of soap up to 9 pounds (4kg)! Can heat right on the stove or hot plate, or .
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  • 20 Quart Soap Kettle

    Model: AC1042
    Specially designed bottom has a heavy plate of aluminum between two layers of stainless steel – promotes even heating! Great for .
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  • Flexible Spatula

    Model: AC1057
    Perfect for clean up of oils and in between pours in the Pot Tipper.
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  • Stainless Steel Ladle

    Model: AC1070
    Handy for scooping material out of deep containers.
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  • Heat Resistant Spoon

    Model: AC1063
    Need a shorter utensil for those small containers? Can scoop or scrape! One piece molded high-temp scraper blade.
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  • Heat Resistant Spatula

    Model: AC1062
    Heat resistant up to 600°F (315.
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  • One Quart Dipper

    Model: AC1072
    Handy for dispensing from our Oil Heaters! Seamless sanitary design.
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  • 8″ Squeegee

    Model: AC1508
    Perfect for cleaning your Oil Heaters and Pot Tippers.
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