Air Cutter – Bath Bomb Multipress

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The Bath Bomb MultiPress uses the Air Cutter, along with the purchase of your choice of molds.

  • A full production pneumatic bath bomb press designed to your specifications.
  • Press multiple bath bombs with one piece of equipment!
  • You can produce up to 32 bath bombs per minute – up to thousands per day!
  • Choose from popular mold shapes, or have yours custom designed.

From: $8,650.00

Bath Bomb MultiPress Components

MultiPress Base Plate

Must order 1x per Bath Bomb MultiPress.

MultiPress Bar Frame

Must order 1x per Bath Bomb MultiPress Mold System.

MicroBall Bath Bomb Multipress

Makes 32 - 1.5" MicroBall Bath Bombs

MiniBall Bath Bomb MultiPress

Makes 32 - 1.75" MiniBall Bath Bombs

Tablet Bath Bomb MultiPress

Makes 24 - 1.94" Tablet Bath Bombs

Cuber Bath Bomb MultiPress

Makes 24 - 2" Cuber Bath Bombs

Cylinder Bath Bomb MultiPress

Makes 24 - 1.94" Cylinder Bath Bombs

2.25" Bath Bomb MultiPress

Makes 10 - 2.25" MaxiBall Bath Bombs

2.5" Bath Bomb MultiPress

Makes 10 - 2.5" MaxiBall Bath Bombs

3" Bath Bomb MultiPress

Makes 10 - 3" MaxiBall Bath Bombs

Too many choices? Call us and we'll help you build the perfect system.

The most versatile high production Soap Cutter and Bath Bomb Press on the market!

Designed for the handcrafted Soap Maker & Bath Bomb Maker.
  • Safe to use! Safety valve requires two hand operation to release air to cylinders.
  • A compact piece of equipment that is tough, durable, easy to use and clean.
  • Multiple stock shapes and sizes of Bath Bomb MultiPress Mold plates are available
    • Plates are easily interchanged for efficient pressing
    • Custom plates are available.
    • Plates glide smoothly on linear bearings and high speed drill-rod guides.
    • Extra mold plates are available for efficient production.
  • Our ball bearing gliding table with guide pins glides to perfectly position your molds.
  • Powered by a small air compressor (not included).
  • Small Footprint
    • 32β€³ (81cm) W x 40β€³ (102cm) L
  • Weighs approximately 150lbs (68kg)
  • Supplied with air hose connector, air regulator, and moisture filter.
  • Linear bearings, high-speed drill-rod guides, ball bearing gliding table
  • 2β€³ (5cm) box tubing frame
  • Precision machined mounts and fittings
  • Protected with a tough, baked on powder coat finish
  • Operated by an air compressor (not included)
    • Power required: 90psi (6.12atm) / 1.5cfm (43lpm)
Our Bath Bomb MultiPress can be converted to an Air Soap Cutter with optional components!
View our Air Cutter page for more information.

Bath Bomb MultiPress – 10 Part System
Bath Bomb MultiPress – 32 Part System

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