Manual Soap Cutter


The ultimate in Professional Manual Soap Cutting.

  • Custom designed to your bar size.
  • We work with you to obtain your ideal pour weight and block size.
  • Cuts both loaves and bars with one piece of equipment.

Please Note: Manual Cutters require a 4-6 week lead time. We require your fresh-cut bar dimensions before the lead time can start.

From: $1,895.00

Build Your Manual Cutter Bundle

Manual Cutter Mold

Custom-made to your bar size!

Manual Cutter Work Bench

Stainless Steel Bench designed to make using your Manual Soap Cutter easier.

Manual Cutter Hoist System

Does the heavy lifting for you!

Extra Manual Cutter Loaf Frame

Extra Manual Cutter Bar Frame

Too many choices? Call us and we'll help you build the perfect system.


  • Increase Production: Cut hundreds of bars in minutes! Thousands per day! You can cut a large 40-pound block of soap in just minutes into neatly cut and perfect bars.
  • Save Time & Money: Less labor, Less cost per bar. Cut thousands of bars a day with one person!
  • Increase Profit: Less labor and time means less cost per bar-Equals More Profit!
  • Full Production: Cuts both Loaves and Bars with one piece of equipment. The cutting frames glide smoothly on Linear Bearings & high-speed, hardened steel guide rods.
  • Custom Designed for You!: We custom-make your cutting Frames and cutting Tables to your Specifications.
  • Built to Last: Linear Bearings for super smooth action. Protected with a tough, baked-on powder coat, enamel finish.
  • Versatile: Extra Cutting Frames and Tables for different full-size bars or hotel-size bars are available.
  • Small Footprint: Only 18″ x 18″ (46 x 46 cm). Place it anywhere


  • You can cut a large 40-pound block of soap in just minutes into neatly cut and perfect bars
  • Cuts loaves and bars with one piece of equipment
    • Comes standard with one loaf frame and one bar frame
    • Additional frames available for cutting multiple bar and loaf sizes
    • Frames are easily interchanged for efficient cutting
  • Custom-designed to your bar size
    • We help you to obtain your ideal pour weight and block size
  • Works with both cold process and hot process soap
  • A compact soap cutting machine that is tough, durable, easy to use, and clean.
  • Frames glide smoothly on linear bearings and high-speed drill-rod guides.
  • High Tensile Strength wire for lasting durability.
  • Wire replacement is easy with our adjustable tension bolts!
  • Our ball-bearing gliding table with guide pins glides to position your soap block perfectly.
  • Specifications:
    • Width: 18″ x 18″ (46cm x 46cm) | Height: 18″ (46cm) tall
    • Weighs approximately 65lbs (29kg)
    • One-year parts and labor warranty – but built to last.

Note: The Manual Cutter is not meant for M&P or Glycerin soap. View our EZ Way M&P Cutter for cutting M&P.

Professional Production Math:

System Capacity:
  • Typically cuts blocks between 35-40 lbs (15.8-18 kg)
    • Size varies to the size of the bar and the pouring depth
  • Maximum block size is 11” x 11”. (27.94 cm x 27.94 cm)
    • Blocks this large typically weigh around er 60 lbs (27.2kg)
    • Since the cut is made manually, we recommend staying around 35 to 40 lbs for ease of use
  • Manual Cutter Molds typically come with two cells
    • If block weight = 35-40 pounds, your batch weight will be 70 to 80 pounds
    • Single cell molds are available for ease if use. Recommended if you have a bad back, or will have issues handling 70-80 lbs of soap
    • Your batch weight is the weight of your soap only. You also need to factor in the weight of your mold for a total weight value
      • Ex: 80 pound batch weight + 40 pound Manual Cutter Mold = 120 pound total weight
  • This soap making equipment is standardized in overall size & general design for the best dollar valve, but allows us to customize your bar size, cutting frame & mold capacities
  • You may also purchase extra cutting frames for these soap cutters to produce other bars such as sample bars, hotel sizes, special customer sizes, etc.
Example Bar Sizes
Bar Size (L x W x H)LoavesBars / LoafTotal BarsBlock SizeBlock WeightBatch Weight (1)
3″ x 2″ x 1″15131959″ L x 10″ x H x 13.25″ H42 pounds84 pounds
4″ x 2.75″ x 1.25″810808″ L x 11″ W x 12″ H39 pounds78 pounds
3.5″ x 2.5″ x 1″121315610.5″ L x 10″ W X 13″ H48 pounds96 pounds
3″ x 3″ x 1″9131179″ L x 9″ W x 13″ H37 pounds74 pounds
3.25″ x 2.25″ x 1.25″12101209.75″ L x 9″ W x 12.5″ H39 pounds78 pounds

(1) Assumes using standard Manual Cutter Mold with two cells (creates two blocks)


Cutting Time

How long should I wait before cutting my soap?

Your soap will usually saponify between 24 and 36 hours with a Manual Cutter Mold. This can vary widely depending on your recipe. Start checking your mold after 20 hours to see when it is ready.

It’s important to cut the soap as soon as possible. Letting the soap cure and harden for too long can bend or break our wires.

Manual Cutter Mold

Does the Manual Cutter work with the small Professional Mold?

Yes, the Manual Cutter and Manual Cutter mold are made for each other.

Custom Sizing

Can the size of the Manual Soap Cutter grid be made to fit the size of our soaps?

Yes – our Manual Soap Cutter and Manual Cutter mold are custom-made to your bar size. We calculate the least amount of waste possible with the most efficient cut.

Loaf and Bar Grid

What is the difference between the Manual Soap Cutter with a loaf grid or with a bar grid?

The Manual Cutter comes with two frames – Loaf and Bar.

Loaf Grid – Cuts the face of the bar (width/length)
Bar Grid – Cuts the thickness

Grooved Bottoms

Why are the Manual Cutter mold bottoms not grooved, like the Air Cutter mold?

The Manual Cutter has two cutting tables to match the grid of your Loaf and Bar frames. You slide your soap block onto the cutting tables, so the mold bottoms do not need to be grooved as well.

Using the Manual Cutter with Slab Molds

Will the Manual Cutter cut soap from slab or tray molds?

Yes, but these molds will not be as efficient as using the Manual Cutter Mold. The maximum dimensions of the Manual Cutter are 12″ x 12″. You will need to trim or adjust your soap slab to fit within the maximum dimensions.

Cutting Multiple Loaves

Does the Manual Cutter Bar Frame cut one log at a time, or multiple?

You can stack multiple loaves to cut in one press.


Pouring Soap into Manual Cutter Mold
Cutting Soap with Manual Cutter
Have questions? Contact us or visit our Soap Cutters FAQ.

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