Soap Cutters

Our Soap Cutters are the perfect solution for every soap maker. Whether you make cold process, hot process, or melt and pour, our soap cutters can handle the job. Use our professional wire soap cutters and soap cutting machines to make the same handmade bar soap your customers love at a higher (and more efficient) capacity. From cutting single loaf molds to large block soap molds, we have a solution for you. Have questions? Contact us!

Pro Cutters

  • Air Cutter – Soap

    Model: CutAir-1
    From: $8,150.00 View Product
  • EZ Way M&P Soap Cutter

    Model: EZSoapCut
    From: $3,485.00 View Product
  • Manual Soap Cutter

    Model: CutMan
    From: $1,895.00 View Product

Loaf Cutters

  • Loaf Cutter

    $298.00 View Product

Bar Cutters

  • Krinkle Soap Cutter

    Model: AC1163
    $7.25 View Product
  • Large Adjustable Cutter Box

    Model: AC1162
    $38.25 View Product
  • Large Cutter Box

    Model: AC1160
    $23.80 View Product
  • Large Smooth Blade

    Model: AC1171
    $8.00 View Product
  • Small Adjustable Cutter Box

    Model: SboxADJ
    $29.80 View Product
  • Small Cutter Box

    Model: SoapBox
    $19.90 View Product
  • Small Smooth Blade

    Model: AC1171s
    $6.25 View Product


  • Air Cutter Hoist System

    Model: 440ACH
    $1,356.00 View Product
  • Air Cutter Stand

    Model: ACS
    $395.00 View Product
  • AirCutter Bar Frame

    $600.00$850.00 View Product
  • AirCutter Loaf Frame

    Model: ELFAC
    $600.00 View Product
  • Manual Cutter Loaf Frame

    Manual Cutter Bar Frame

    Model: EBFMC
    $600.00 View Product
  • Manual Cutter Hoist System

    Model: MCEHS
    $454.00 View Product
  • Manual Cutter Loaf Frame

    Model: ELFMC
    $600.00 View Product
  • Manual Cutter Work Bench

    Model: MBench
    $329.00 View Product
  • Replacement Custom Bolts for Soap Cutter

    $27.49 View Product

Products in Action:




Air Cutter cutting Loaves into Bars
Manual Cutter cutting Trim Cut

Soap Cutter FAQ:

Soap Cutters Comparison:

Bar Cutters Loaf Cutters Pro Cutters
Single Bar Cutters Loaf Cutters EZ Way M&P Cutter Manual Soap Cutter Air Soap Cutter
Cuts CP/HP
Cuts M&P
Custom Sizes Available
Can Make Bath Bombs
Cuts Single Bars Single Loaf Single Loaf Blocks into loaves & bars Blocks into loaves & bars
Power Source Manual Manual Pneumatic Manual Pneumatic


Air Cutter cutting Loaves and Bars
Manual Cutter cutting Loaves and Bars
EZ Way M&P Cutter cutting Bars
Loaf Cutter cutting Bars

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