Large Adjustable Cutter Box


Need more control over the exact thickness of your soap bars?

  • Easily adjust bar thickness.
  • Designed to be used with our Single Cutter blades.
  • Can be converted to our standard Large Cutter box.


  • Cut any thickness from 3/8β€³ to 1-1/2β€³ (10mm – 38mm)
  • Select your bar thickness and push firmly down to cut.
  • Note: Ordinary kitchen knives will not fit into the slot.
  • 3-1/2β€³ (89mm) deep.
  • Handles loaves up to 4-1/2β€³ (114mm) wide.
  • Loaves can be any length.
  • 16 Gauge brushed finish stainless steel and HDPE.
Large Adjustable Cutter Box
Large Adjustable Cutter Box