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The Most Versatile High Production

Soap Cutter & Bath Bomb Press on the Market!

Designed For the Handcrafted SoapMaker & Bath Bomb Maker!

The Air Cutter™ Professional Soap Cutter and Bath Bomb MultiPress


A full production, Custom Made Pneumatic Soap Cutter designed to your specifications.


Can produce thousands of perfect bars a day by one person.


Cuts both Loaves and Bars with One piece of equipment.


You can cut hundreds of perfect bars in just minutes.


2 Cutting Frames available (Loaf and Bar).


A full production, Custom Made Bath Bomb MultiPress designed to your specifications.


Can produce thousands of perfect bath bombs a day.


Press Multiple Bath Bombs with one piece of equipment.


You can produce up to 32 bath bombs at once in just minutes.


Choose from different size stock molds or have yours custom designed.

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The Ultimate in Wire Soap Cutting and Bath Bomb Pressing

Shown with Optional

Stand & Pro Mold

Professional Air Soap Cutter the Ultimate in Soap Cutting

Stand Optional

The Air Cutter is the foundation of our large production Soap Cutting and Bath Bomb Pressing System.

With the addition of the optional components (below) it transforms into the solution to all your production needs!

The Air Cutter Description:


The Air Cutter™ is a pneumatically driven cutter and press that puts a full, 600 lbs of power at your fingertips.


Our ball bearing gliding table with guide pins, glides smoothly out to automatically position, your soap block or bath bomb molds.


Safe to use! Safety valve requires two hand operation to release air to cylinders.


A compact piece of equipment that is tough, durable, easy to use, easy to clean.


Air controlled and powered. The smooth operation is safe, very quiet and powerful.


Your Air Cutter™, Air Cutter Pro Soap Molds™ or MultiPress Bath Bomb Molds are made according to your specifications.


The cutting and pressing frames glide smoothly on linear bearings & high-speed, drill-rod guides.


Soap Cutting frames & tables and Bath Bomb Molds are easily and quickly interchanged.


Optional safety features are available.


De-molding your soap or bath bombs is effortless.


Powered by small Air Compressor (Not included), see specifications.

The Air Cutter Specifications:


Small Footprint - only 32" (81cm) wide x 40" (102cm) long. Place it at about a 30” (76cm) table height.


The Air Cutter™ is 43” (109cm) high.


600 lbs of smooth, quiet, cutting and pressing force at 100 PSI. Almost any inexpensive air compressor (not included) will work (See Below). Easy pressure adjustment.


This powerful piece of equipment only weighs 150 lbs (68Kg) , so shipping is inexpensive.


Supplied with air hose connector, air regulator and moisture filter.


Linear bearings; high-speed, drill-rod guides; ball bearing gliding table; 2” (5cm) box tubing frame, precision machined mounts and fittings.


Protected with a tough, baked on powder coat, enamel finish.


Operated by an Air Compressor (Not Included), 90 psi. (6.12 atm), and 1.5 cfm (43 lpm) or more, is all that’s required.


Note: “atm & lpm” is a European standard. Your air compressor supplier will know what you need if you give them these figures.


These are available for $125 to $225 at most lumberyards and hardware stores.


See here for tips on setting up and choosing an air compressor.

The  Air Cutter™ PRICING...






Professional Air Cutter™ Includes Stand

Does Not include Soap Cutting Frames/Tables, Soap Molds or MultiPress Bath Bomb Components. These are sold al la carte see below.


IMPORTANT: You will need to purchase or already own The Air Cutter, All optional components only function with The Air Cutter. Any other use voids all warranties.

Note: Air Cutters™ & Pro Molds

Air Cutters™ and Air Cutter Pro Molds are Custom made and ship by Truck therefore cannot be added to our cart.

All Air Cutters and Options require 4 to 6 weeks lead time

Images of Swirling Using Large Molds

Soap Swirling in Large Molds    Soap Swirling in Large Molds

Soap Swirling in Large Molds    Soap Swirling in Large Molds

Soap Swirling in Large Molds    Soap Swirling in Large Molds

Add your Custom Components to complete your Air Cutter

Press Up to 32 Bath Bombs at a Time

with the MultiPress Components added to Your Air Cutter


Cut Both Loaves & Bars with One Piece of Equipment

 By adding the Soap Making Components to Your Air Cutter

The Ultimate in Wire Soap Cutting and Bath Bomb Pressing


The Air Cutter Videos

Large Production Soap Making

Professional Air Soap Cutter™ System

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bullet Download for viewing later (70 MB).

MAC users, Click Here


Bath Bomb MultiPress
32 Part System

If you have trouble playing:

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Right Click and Select 'Save Target As' to Download for viewing later (95MB).
Bath Bomb MultiPress
10 Part MaxiBall

If you have trouble playing:

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Right Click and Select 'Save Target As' to Download for viewing later (32MB).

FAQ - Professional Air Soap Cutter™ System

AIr Soap Cutter and Mold

Air Soap Cutter™


What is the difference between the Soap Cutter with a loaf grid and the Soap Cutter with a bar grid?


They are one and the same soap cutter. You get two cutting frames with your Air Soap Cutter™, a Loaf and a Bar cutting frame.

*The Loaf Grid cuts the face of the bar or width and length.

*The Bar Grid cuts the thickness.


Does the Air Soap Cutter™ cut in logs and bars or only one type?


They both will cut loaves and bars. If you wish, you can also order extra grids for other loaf sizes or bar sizes, such as sample and hotel bar sizes.


I recently received your Air Soap Cutter™ and Soap Molds. The base plate for the bar cutter appears to be bowed. It still fits on the pins but it has some rocking to it. Is this a problem?


This will not affect your cutting. It is normal for the tables to bow some - no way around it. You will notice that we have scored the other side, to compensate for some of this bowing.


How many frames come with the Air Soap Cutter™?


The Air Soap Cutter™ comes with two frames, a soap bar frame and a soap loaf frame.


I currently have a block grid cutter (a cheaper variety than the one you sell, made of wood and recycled plastic) and the wires break fairly often which is time consuming to replace, sometimes even ruining some of the soap in the process. I'm not sure the reason, but I need to know of the probability of this happening with your unit as well.


I don't know the gauge or type of the wire you use. Ours is a special grade that as far as I know only one company in the World makes. We have sold over a thousand cutters over the course of 12 years and seldom need to send replacement wire to anyone.

Sometimes it is not the wire but the wire tying method. We designed our wire bolts to work with the particular wire we use and to pull the wire, straight on. They are also designed to allow tiny adjustments in the tension and to lock firmly in place.


When should I cut my soap?


Cutting Your Soap:

1. It is very important when using a wire cutter to cut the soap as soon as possible. Letting the soap cure and harden too long will result in breaking or stretching the wires.

2. At first, start checking Manual Cutter™ Molds after about 20 hours. They will usually be ready between 24 and 36 hours but this can vary greatly. Start checking Air Cutter™ Molds after about 36 hours. Again these are usually ready at about two to three days. Main thing here is observe and take notes on your first few pours. This will eliminate mistakes.

3. Smaller pours require less cure time. Many factors affect curing time. These range from, but are not restricted to; environmental surroundings, humidity, air temperature, insulation method and your soap recipe.

4. You may test your soap by pushing on the top center of the pour. If it is spongy, it is not ready. If it is firm, yet still soft, it is ready.

5. You can also test with a thermometer. Check in the center about mid-way down from the top. It should be ready when the temperature is below 90 degrees (F). After a while you will know by the look and feel of your pour.


I have a few questions about your wires. I have a cutter with guitar tuners and it keeps losing tension. I am not at all thrilled about this. I have to constantly, re-adjust the wire tension. Another problem is trying to turn the knobs, it is very hard to do when putting a lot of tension on the wire. What is your method? Is each wire, individually controlled with your cutters, and how are they tightened?

Right now, I think I use an 18 gauge wire and some of my harder bars are very hard to cut. After one or two cuts, I have to redo the tension on the wire.


The problem with using a heavy wire and guitar tuners is that the tuner cannot handle the heavy wire. The end result is that it slips and loses tension. We machine our tension bolts to hold the wire so it does not slip. Our system pulls straight through. The wires do not wrap around the bolt. We make tens of thousands of these bolts every year and have found no better method. With that said, we are always looking for ways to improve.

Once it is tensioned a couple times, they should not need to be adjusted again. There should be little stretch left. Our wire is made to our specification, and is about half again the tensile strength of standard piano wire, in comparable gauges. We have customers who have gone several years before re-tensioning their wires. We try to get most of the stretch out of the wire before it leaves here.

As to individually tied wires, we loop some wires but they have tension bolts on each end. Each bolt essentially has one wire. If you want individual wires, we can do this for a small charge but it makes no difference in the performance of our system.


Do you make an adjustable cutter for different bar thicknesses?


There would be no adjustable cutter worth its salt. If there were, we would have invented it a long time ago. You would end up having the exact same problem you are having now - constant problems tensioning wires. The wires can only take so much loosening and tensioning. To “Adjust” and move wires around for different bar thicknesses, that is what you would have to do….Loosen, Tension …. Loosen and tension - thus destroying the wire.

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