Mixing and Blending

We have the perfect solution for all of your mixing needs. Whether it be continuous mixing or emulsification, we can help! Not sure which mixer is best for you? Contact us!

Pot Tippers

  • 164 Quart Pot Tipper

    Model: 164QPT
    From: $1,945.00 View Product
  • 80 Quart Pot Tipper

    Model: 80QPT
    From: $1,200.00 View Product

Pro Mixers

  • Mighty Mixer

    Model: MtyMix
    From: $1,390.00 View Product
  • Oil Wax Melting Tank Mixers

    $1,334.00$2,189.10 View Product

Manual Mixers

  • Commercial Power Wands

    $807.14$1,278.57 View Product
  • Light Commercial Power Wand

    Model: PB08
    $199.00 View Product
  • Manual Pot Whipper

    Model: 2BPW
    $44.00 View Product
  • Mixer Tank Mount

    Model: PBmount
    $198.00 View Product
  • Pot Whipper Variable Speed Drill

    Model: PWDRILL
    $119.00 View Product

Mix and Blend Accessories

  • Double High Shear Mixing Wand

    $297.00$397.00 View Product
  • Hands-Free Pot Whipper

    $165.00$215.00 View Product
  • Stainless Steel Paddle

    $38.00$45.00 View Product
  • Wall Mount Hanger

    Model: PBWH
    $24.49 View Product


  • Mighty Mixer Motor

    $435.00 View Product
  • Mighty Mixer Optional Tripod Base

    Model: MtyMixT
    $285.00 View Product
  • Shaft Coupling for Mighty Mixer

    $80.00 View Product

Mixer Comparison Table:

Key Features of our Mixers
Pro Mixers - Large Production Manual Mixers
Mighty Mixer Slow Speed Mixer Light Commercial Power Wand Commercial Power Wand Pot Whipper
Can Emulsify
Different Mixing Wands Available
Must Attach to Drill
Ideal Batch Size 20-500 pounds Varies per Size Up to 3 Gallons Up to 50 Gallons >20 pounds or in depths of more than 6"
RPM 0 - 2,500 14 2 Speed - Hi & Lo 5,000 - 18,000 Depends on Drill Used - Should be 1,200 or greater

Mixer FAQ:


Mixing with Pot Whipper in Pot Tipper
Mixing with Mighty Mixer

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