Lye (NaOH) Tanks

Save time and increase production by master batching in our lye (NaOH tanks). Specially designed to reduce fumes while maintaining solution strength for weeks at a time. Durable stainless steel tanks are guaranteed to withstand even the strongest of lye solutions.

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Lye Tanks


  • Reduced Fumes: Lye Tanks sealed with a special gasket to reduce fumes and maintain solution strength.
  • Increase Production: Make multiple batches of lye at once with our Lye Tanks – three sizes available!
  • Save Time: Make large batches and store for weeks at a time with no loss of strength. Use in conjunction with our timer to begin heating before your day even starts.
  • Quality Control: Guarantee consistent batches by heating lye to the perfect temperature every time.
  • Durable Construction: Tanks are 304 Stainless steel, made in the USA. Guaranteed not to leak or wear out. Can withstand the strongest lye solutions without breaking or wearing out. Incoloy 800 sheath on the heating element for long life.


  • The heating element and heat sensor are directly in the solution, making bringing the solution up to temperature fast and efficient.
  • Heavy-duty, all stainless steel construction.
  • Works in conjunction with our Oil Heaters and Pot Tipper for fast, efficient pours.
  • Your Lye Tank is sealed with a special double seal gasket to keep fumes in and eliminate evaporation.
  • See sample floor plans for the suggested placement of tanks.
  • Place your Lye Tank on a timer to turn the tank on before starting work so that there is no time delay.
  • No maintenance.

Tank Options:

20 Gallon 45 Gallon 85 Gallon
Capacity - Liquid (liters) 75 L 170 L 321 L
Capacity - Weight (lbs) 160 lbs 360 lbs 680 lbs
Capacity - Weight (kg) 73 kg 163 kg 308 kg
Dimensions (in) 20.5" x 17.2" 25.7" x 23.0" 33.7" x 27.5"
Dimensions (cm) 52.0 cm x 43.7 cm 65.3 cm x 58.4 cm 85.6 cm x 69.8 cm
Standard Heating Element (1) 120V / 1500W 120V / 1500W 220V / 3000W
Standard Power Draw 12.5 amps 12.5 amps 13.7 amps
Shipping Options UPS Freight Freight
(1) All tanks available with 220V / 3000W heating element

Lye Tank FAQ:

What’s the most efficient way to prep my lye solution?

If you’re making soap, shampoo or any other cosmetic product that uses lye, your goal should be to prepare it as few times as possible during the week. You should be making lye no more than once per day. If possible, you should make it once a week.

Making lye for use during multiple days is called master batching. This can be done in two ways.

50-50 masterbatch: Make a 50% lye solution and dilute it to the desired concentration when using it
Ready to use masterbatch: Make lye to the concentration you normally use while making soap.

Master batching will save you time, make your lye solution more consistent and reduce your exposure to lye fumes.

Can I make lye with ice?

Yes. Making your lye with ice can help your lye cool down faster and reduce the vapors that are released.

How can I reduce the fumes from my lye when making soap?

Make sure you’re storing or prepping your lye in a stainless steel tank with gaskets and a lid. This will keep your lye vapors in the tank when it’s cooling down.

To further limit your exposure to fumes, you can:

1. Make at End of Day: If you prep your lye at the end of the day and let it cool down overnight, the vapors will condense back into the tank as it cools and it will be ready to use in the morning.
2. Use an exhaust hood: Set your tank up under an exhaust hood to vent the fumes outside. Any kitchen exhaust hood will work.
3. Prep Lye with Ice: This reduces the amount of time your lye needs to cool and eliminates fumes

In all cases, when working with lye, be sure to use a proper respirator with Organic/Acid cartridges – a regular paint mask or respirator will not protect you. Use Nitrile gloves and protective clothing. We carry all of these.

How long can I keep lye in my tanks?

You can keep your lye in your tanks for 3-4 weeks due to the gaskets on the tanks. Do not keep your lye this long if you’re using a system that doesn’t seal your lye.


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