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FAQ - Shrink Wrap Systems



I live in Malaysia which very hot and extremely humid weather.

I am interested in the 18" shrink wrap machine with Polyofelin 75gauge. I have tried PVC 75 gauge equivalent and I feel it won't let the scent through with this. I would like to know if I can switch the 75gauge to 100gauge because I have tested local shrink films that were 75gauge and they leave my soaps with wet spots and it wrinkles. Do you have any suggestions?


The film sticks to the wet spots on the bar. The wetter the spot, the more it gets stuck, with the attendant wrinkles and surface faults. Thicker film, 75 gauge, versus 60 gauge, will LESSEN, but not eliminate this issue. 100 gauge will look better, and have less sticking then either of the thinner films....but is virtually impossible to open with your need a sharp implement of sorts. That's why most M&P soapmakers that want the scent to come through use the 75 gauge polyolefin.



How do I avoid my melt and pour glycerin soap from melting and sticking to the films and melting as I use a heat gun?


Are you using a heat gun or a hair dryer? With a heat gun, the film shrinks will still get stuck to the wet spots, but the trick is to use a high enough heat so that the process is done quickly. In terms of the appearance of the film, your packaging options to wrap the soap in a manner that protects the composition of the bar shrink wrap. In a perfect world, you could fold-and-glue the wrappers on the soap (they are NEVER shrink-wrapped by the big companies)...but this machine will wrap 50 bars a minute, and cost you $28,000. With the shrink system you can process 100 bars in about 20 minutes (once you know what you're doing). This system costs about $400.


The important thing, not to lose sight of, is that wrapped, in the eyes of your customers, a given bar of soap is free of contaminants from both the environment as well as other customers. THIS is the real reason we wrap the eliminate the concern of the customer regarding the purity of the product. A few wrinkles in the packaging will not shake that faith. The fact that it protects your bar is a bonus.



I found PVC film 75gauge and 75gauge Polyofelin, they seem to be difficult to separate from the centerfold to place the soap bars to use the machine. I have an L-bar machine currently but the film I purchased from the machine supplier sticks together and the whole thing is not working out for me, it's very difficult to use.


There is a way to position the roll of film so that it separates the two layers as you dispense it. You are feeding the film directly from the roller(s) without having one layer go above this spreading device (could be a plate, an arm, etc) and one layer goes below the device. It's not working properly because you most likely do not have the film seated properly.


That having been said, with an L sealer, you will only wrap single bars at a time...and waste film doing so. Even if you do wrap a sleeve of 4 bars at once, you will have to reposition the sleeve 4 times to separate the individual bars. The wand system, when used to wrap soap, eliminates all this motion, you load 16-30 bars, and you don't have to touch them individually again, until you are ready to shrink the second side of each bar.



Can you let me know whether I need perforated films and if you have a distributor any where closer to Malaysia for future purchases of the film


You do not NEED perforated film if you use 75ga polyolefin, and in fact, though it is easier to wrap with perforated film, non-perforated film will protect your soaps from the humidity more so than the perforated varieties...and still allow the scent through. We do not have a Distributor in Malaysia but you can always order it in quantities from us.



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