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FAQ - Pot Tippers & Pot Whippers

Soap Pot Tipper-Kettle


Soap Pot Tipper

Soap Pot Whippers, the Only Way to Stir SoapPot


Soap Pot Tipper-Kettle


Why don’t you have a pouring spout on the Pot Tipper?


Two reasons; The pouring spout interferes with positioning when pouring into the mold, plus a pouring spout has no value. You are pouring into molds that are quite wide.


The second reason and most important is, you do not want a concentrated stream. The last thing you want is air bubbles in your soap. A hard stream creates impact into your soap and creates air pockets; most especially in normal tracing. We actually recommend and sell paddles to fan the stream out further to allow bubbles created by mixing, to disperse before entering the mold.



Why don’t you have an outlet on your Pot Tipper.


No need to have one. We can put one on for you but in 16 years of making soap equipment, we have had one request. The pot really doesn’t sit high enough for gravity feed into a bottler. You could drain into a bucket. Do you have a need for an outlet?



We have noticed other tipping pots that have a heater on the bottom. We make CP soap. Wouldn’t this be handy? Would like to save a little money


You can heat from the bottom of our Pot Tipper because it has a thick aluminum plate sandwiched between two stainless steel plates which disperse the heat. However we do not recommend this as a permanent fix for heating your oils. It is very easy to scald your oils and can damage them permanently. As far as we know we are the only company that has this laminated bottom feature. By not dispersing the heat, you literally create the same dead oil that would come from a fryer. This takes away from the whole purpose of creating high quality, cold processed soap.


Heating vegetable oils, even in our Pot Tipper, requires finesse and a very, very close watch that you do not overheat. You must stir constantly. This is much like stir frying. Leave it sit and your vegetables go from mush to fritters.


We always, whenever possible, recommend heating your oils in a double jacketed Oil Melter/Heater. Not only does this preserve the quality of your oils but increases your efficiency by 300%...400%. And, isn’t that the whole purpose of having “Soap Equipment“?


Think about it; you measure your oils, place them in the Pot Tipper, wait till they are heated, mix your soap and do this over and over. Whereas with an Oil Melter/Heater, you measure say 5-6 batches all at once, heat all at once (preferably in the early morning hours using a timer), then start mixing. Presto…before lunch you are done. But using a Pot Tipper to do all of it, you are still plugging along, measuring, heating, mixing….measuring, heating, mixing…..


So, when you do have the money to move into an Oil Heater, know that you will save a great deal of time and quality.

Soap Pot Whippers, the Only Way to Stir Soap


How fast do you mix in a Pot Tipper and what do you use?


I am assuming you want to mix CP (cold processed) soap. Trace times on CP soap can take a long, long time as you know. We recommend our Pot Whipper, which has Nitrile, flexible blades which become more aggressive as the speed picks up by creating a fluttering action. The blades are actually cupped to create a downward pull. This creates a faster, more thorough mix and, makes it easier to pull in additives, herbs, etc. This also eliminates air bubbles common to paddle blades and mixers not made for stirring soap.


You must mix at speeds above 1200 rpm or it will take you a long time to reach trace, especially an all olive oil soap. Actually 1500 to 1800 is best and always stir at a 10° to 15° degree angle. You should reach trace in 5 to 7 minutes with a palm, coconut, olive base.



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