Digital Oil Heater Box


  • Have added confidence in your heating process.
  • Precise heat management with an easy-to-use LED interface.
  • IP66 Watertight enclosure on control box
  • Durable Temperature Sensor

* Note: Not to be used with our Lye Tanks.
* Note: Purchase our Analog model if you are attempting to reach temperatures above 212°F (100°C)

Sizing Guide

  • 6-20 Gallon: 110V/1500W
  • 45 Gallon: 220V/3000W
  • 60-125 Gallon: 220V/4500W
    • Note: Our 85 & 125 Gallon Models require 2 heater boxes per unit.


Have more control over your heating cycles.

  • Our Digital Oil Heater Box gives you more precise control over your water temperature.
  • Choose the exact temperature intervals at which your heater starts and stops.
  • Settings are stored in memory if the power goes out.
  • The thermostat doubles as a thermometer – see your water temperature with the glance of a screen.
  • Digital Thermostat Unit
  • 1500W, 3000W, or 4500W Heating Element (attached)
  • 6.6′ (2.0 m) Temperature Sensor Cable (attached)
  • 7′ (2.1m) Power Cable (attached)
    • 1500W – NEMA 5-15P
    • 3000W – NEMA 6-20P
    • 4500W – NEMA 6-30P
Digital Oil Heater Box
Digital Oil Heater Box