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EZ Way Soap Cutter



The EZ Way Soap Cutter™ can produce thousands

of perfect bars a day by one person.

Cut M&P (Melt & Pour), CP (Cold Process), HP (Hot Process) Re-Batch, Round, Square and more with the EZ Way Soap Cutter!

Check out our New EZ Way Soap Cutter™

EZ Way Soap Cutter

Cut M&P, CP, HP and more with EZ Way Soap Cutter

Cuts Loaves into Bars in One Fell Swoop!.

One person can cut 1200 to 1500 loaves per day

Over 800 lbs of cutting force is available

For many years we have worked on developing a truly, smooth cutting and efficient Cutter for glycerin soap (Melt and Pour, M&P). The EZ Way Soap Cutter is the culmination of that effort, and is one of our most prized inventions. Soap Makers who make products using glycerin soap, understand just how hard it is to cut this soap.

Those of you who enjoy the creativity of using embeds in your M&P soap, will now be able to cut entire Loaves, quickly and accurately. No more repetitive, cutting-by-hand, one bar at a time. Do you decorate your loaves with herbs, curls, waves, flips, etc? Look no further, the EZ way will cut it.

It does not matter what type of soap you handcraft, the EZ way will cut it., Melt and Pour... Cold Processed… Hot Processed… Re-batch… Round… Square…

Word of caution for large batch CP Soapmakers! This does not replace the efficiency and profitability in anyway, of the Air Cutter or Manual Cutter Systems. These systems are unsurpassed for cold processed soap productivity.

Click Here to View More Details and Order Yours... Product Knowledge - Soap Loaf Cutters…

Check out these cool tools and pieces of equipment!

Loaf Soap CutterThese soap loaf/log cutters are very easy to use – no setup required. They are sturdy and built to last a lifetime. Both cutters have a heavy duty base and cutting table made from high grade, HDPE Available in three stock sizes as well as custom sizes.

The Loaf Cutter™ and The LONG Loaf Cutter™ are by far the best cutters to quickly and accurately cut your loaves of soap, but don’t take our word for it. See what a few of our customers have to say…The LONG Loaf Cutter

Post on a customer’s YouTube Channel…

"This is a perfect soapcutter, and we highly recommend our fellow soapers to buy this cutter. It cuts a log of soap in one shot. It's very strong, and sturdy. It's a bit heavy to carry, but I don't plan on moving it around too much. We love this cutter! It is worth every cent. It's the best cutter we've ever had. I didn't get any adjustments made as our bars are 1 inch thick so it works perfectly with our bars and currently logs. They are about to make us custom molds too. If you ask them for advice, they really take their time with you. No rushing at all. Just pure patience with you. I am so happy with them".

Excerpt taken from a Loaf Cutter Customers blog post….

"My number one resolution this year was to become more efficient in my soapmaking. I need to decrease the amount of time it takes me to make soap, so that I have more time to sell soap, and follow up on all the ideas that are constantly swimming in my head.

To that end, I just received a new soap log cutter from! I am so excited about it! It’s kind of like a giant hard-boiled egg slicer. It will cut an entire log of soap in one swift stroke: BOOM! 15 bars of soap! Until now, I’ve been cutting each bar, one at a time. I never minded that exactly, but recently I’ve been feeling impatient. This new cutter will help this part of soapmaking move along quite nicely.

I had a chance to use it recently. (Who am I kidding? As soon as I heard that it had shipped, I purposely made a batch of soap just so I’d have something to cut as soon as it arrived!) It’s quite sturdy; the base is thick HDPE plastic and the rest of the cutter is enamel-coated metal. This thing could easily last several lifetimes. And as promised, just one smooth motion down and I had the entire log cut into beautiful, even bars. I felt like such a professional soapmaker all of a sudden. This cutter did not disappoint".

Another satisfied customer’s blog post…

"A couple of months ago, I purchased this hunk of awesomeness. For those of you not in the industry, it's a soap cutter. In fact it's a custom soap cutter, made to my specifications. For those of you who ARE in the industry, who don't have a soap cutter of their own, you are probably drooling into your coffee cups right now ... I know I have drooled over these myself for some years!

This has actually been sitting in the cupboard since before the wedding, and I hadn't had a chance to test it out yet. Today is the day….Loaf goes into the cutter. Pull the handle down through the soap. Ta-da! Soaps all cut in one fell swoop. You can see it also cuts the little end pieces off. Cutting these logs would normally take at least half an hour ... now all these can be done in 5 minutes. Not bad!"

Click Here to View More Details and Order Yours... Helpful Tips, Hints & Ideas

When To Cut Your Soap

It is very important when using a wire cutter to cut the soap as soon as possible. Letting the soap cure and harden too long will result in breaking or stretching the wires.

Smaller pours require less cure time. Many factors affect curing time. These range from, but are not restricted to; environmental surroundings, humidity, air temperature, insulation method and your soap recipe.

You may test your soap by pushing on the top center of the pour. If it is spongy, it is not ready. If it is firm, yet still soft, it is ready.

At first, start checking Manual Cutter™ Molds after about 20 hours. They will usually be ready between 24 and 36 hours but this can vary greatly. Start checking Air Cutter™ Molds after about 36 hours. Again these are usually ready at about two to three days. Main thing here is observe and take notes on your first few pours. This will eliminate mistakes.

You can also test with a thermometer. Check in the center about mid-way down from the top. It should be ready when the temperature is below 90 degrees (F). After a while you will know by the look and feel of your pour.

Using Phenolphthalein Drops

by Lori Nova

The student question that I answered below gives me an opportunity to talk about one of my favorite "soap tricks" and soap-related products that we sell here at The Nova Studio. They are called pH Drops or Phenolphthalein, but I call them "Magic pH Drops." It's not that hard to pronounce (the correct pronunciation is: fee-nawl-thal-een - isn't that fun to say!?) but I can never spell it properly without looking it up.

The drops we sell consist of 1% phenolphthalein in a solution of ethanol, and they are used for testing your handmade soap to make sure it's not too alkaline (or lye heavy). You could also use pH strips, but we think the drops are more economical (a 2 oz. bottle will last you a lifetime) and so much easier to use! You simply cut a small slice of soap and drop one drop of the 1% phenolphthalein onto it.

Immediately the "Magic Drops" will answer the question if it your soap is lye heavy (magenta pink) or okay to use (colorless).

Full blog post here:

The Nova Studio offers the widest range of education to be found on making soap, and natural bath & body products. While some people take classes just for fun or to make natural gifts, many of our students are interested in making products to sell. The products that we teach people how to make include: Cold Process Soap, Hot Process Soap, Melt & Pour Soap, Transparent Soap, Liquid Soap, Large Production Big Batch Soapmaking, Lotions, Creams, Facial Creams, Face Serums, Facial Steams, Clay Masks, Mineral Makeup, Body Butters, Bath Salts, Body Scrubs, Lip Balm, Bath Melts, Solid Salt Scrubs, Sugar Scrubs, Fizzy Bath Bombs, Herbal Tub Tea, Washbags, Healing Balms & Salves, Herbal Extracts, Hydrosols, Massage Oils, Body Powders, Milk Baths, Natural Baby Products, Natural Perfumes, Natural Dog Products, Natural Cleaning Products, Eco-Friendly Candles and much more!

This article was written and copyrighted by Lori Nova of The Nova Studio and reprinted here with permission.

Our Partner companies or individuals have agreed to share their knowledge & information with us for FREE! Please visit their websites and/or Blogs for even more Great information.


by Joan Morais

Essential oils add scent and therapeutic properties and are great additions to soap.

Essential oils are very concentrated. The approximate range of essential oils in cold process soap is ounce to 1 ounce (by liquid measurement in a measuring cup) per pound of the total oils/fats. Generally it is ounce per pound of oils/fats in the soap recipe.

Suggested Amounts

Suggested amounts per pound (16 ounces) of oils/fats. I think it is best to have a blend of essential oils. Using 4 ounces of only sweet orange essential oil is too much and affects the trace time of soap.

0.5 ounce for strong essential oils (example: basil, peppermint, spearmint, petitgrain) per pound of oils/fats (in a 4 pound batch soap use 2 ounces total essential oil).

0.5-1.0 ounce for other essential oils (example: litsea cubeba, lemongrass, lavender, lemon, sweet orange, grapefruit) per pound of oils/fats (in a 4 pound batch soap use 2-4 ounces total essential oil).

When to Add Essential Oils?

Essential oils can be added before or after trace. I like to add and mix the essential oils into the room temperature liquid carrier oil and then combine this mixture into the melted solid oils before trace. Some essential oils and the amount used may speed up trace and some may delay trace. Experiment and make sure and take good notes.

Some of My Favorite Essential Oils To Use In Cold Process Soap

Cedarwood- woody scent, combines well with sweet orange, and lavender essential oil.

Lavender- floral and herbaceous scent, combines well with citrus, woody and floral essential oils.

Lemongrass-lemon scent, combines well with lavender, cedarwood and litsea cubeba essential oil.

Litsea Cubeba- fresh lemon scent, combines well with lemongrass, lavender and rose geranium essential oil.

Mint- (Spearmint and Peppermint) mint scent, combines well with sweet orange, lavender, and litsea cubeba essential oil.

Orange, Sweet –citrus scent, 5 fold or 10 fold has a stronger scent for soap,

combines well with lavender, rose geranium, litsea cubeba, and cedarwood.

Patchouli-earthy scent, combines well with most essential oils, sweet orange and lavender.

Petitgrain-woody scent, combines well with lavender, sweet orange, and other citrus oils.

Rose Geranium- rose scent, combines well with sweet orange, litsea cubeba, and lavender essential oil.

Rosemary- herbaceous scent, combines well with peppermint, lavender, and litsea cubeba essential oil.


Ebook::Aromatherapy: Essential Oils for Body, Hair, Skin by Joan Morais

Ebook:: How to Make Soap: Cold Process Soap Making with Herbs and Essential Oils by Joan Morais

About Joan Morais

Joan Morais is a natural and organic cosmetic formulator and instructor. She teaches live and online courses on making natural products for body, hair, and skin.

Joan has assisted thousands in learning the art and science of making natural products and has taught at top spas and companies. Joan is a certified aroma therapist and herbalist. She is the author of many “how to” books including, How to Make Professional Natural Lotions and Creams. To learn more, visit

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Pumpkin has all kinds of health benefits like being high in Vitamin A and Fiber, but the best thing about

pumpkins is all the cool recipes you can use them in.

Check out a few of our favorites…

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds:
2 Cups Raw Whole Pumpkin Seeds
1 - 2 Tablespoons Oil (I like Avocado)
Seasonings of your choice like sea salt, cayenne pepper, or cinnamon

Preheat Oven to 275 degrees. Mix ingredients above together and spread in an even layer on a cookie sheet or shallow baking dish. Bake for 1 hour stirring occasionally.

Pumpkin Smoothie:

1/2 Canned Pumpkin

1/2 - 3/4 Milk or yogurt (like Greek)

1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon (optional)

1/8 teaspoon nutmeg (optional)

sweetener of choice Contact Us

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Much of our equipment is custom designed to your application, using your specifications.

Shop online at
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